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E-C Mix Records Productions® founded in 1997, is a professional digital media record production company engaged in the production of commercial grade music album recordings in the Philippines.

The company also has a music publishing division, E-C Mix Records Music Publishing. The division’s primary objectives are to discover and develop new breed of songwriters/composers, and to aide them, both amateur and professionals, to have their materials marketed to the right channels. Our key role as a music publisher is to administer copyrights, to license songs, and to collect royalties, all for and on behalf of the songwriter.


E-C Mix Records Productions is a record production company, not a recording studio or an artist management company. We are commissioned to produce recordings inside the recording studio usually by the record companies who manages the artists, or independent artists.


Our company boasts clientele from both the commercial and indie level markets. With that said, we are committed to give consumers and companies the best deal possible for professional digital media services and high grade produce. Our main goal is to bring everyone closer to digital technology. At E-C Mix Records we guarantee all our clients and customers to get only the highest possible standards of professional quality services at a very reasonable cost.
E-C Mix Records. We Bring You CLOSER To The Digital world.


  • Record Production

  • Music Editing, Mixing, and Mastering

  • Music Publishing

  • Online Digital Distribution e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, etc.

  • Digital Image and Poster Layouts

  • Magazine Layouts

  • Website Design

  • Event Coordination in partnership with ExceptioNel Events Styling, Coordination, and Flower Design

Send us an inquiry on our rates and packages using the CONTACT section of this site now.

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